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About Us

Turning the corner of Taj Residency at the end of MG Road and proceeding towards Ulsoor Lake, one would hardly expect to find an authentic Tex-Mex steakhouse with the warm comforting aromas of a peppery jus wafting through the air as one approaches.

But this is Bangalore, Culinary Heaven, Gastronomic Capital and so, having crossed the Ulsoor Road traffic signal, the very first building to greet you is The Grill House, Bangalore’s latest offering to the city’s bustling dining out map.

Open for lunch and dinner, The Grill House is Wild West at its very best. From the wooden balustrade and wooden steps at the entrance to give it an outback saloon-like feel, to the furniture, paintings and artifacts inside, this new steakhouse (albeit without the choking smokiness one would usually associate with such places) is the real Mc Coy.

In fact, the only thing missing is his horse tied outside and the cowboy seated beside you at the bar! The Grill House will however, soon bring in a guitar-toting blues and country singer to complete the experience and make up for the missing ranger!

The intention behind creating The Grill House, was to offer Bangalore--already renowned for its sheer variety of authentic dining out options — the real taste and feel of a Tex Mex steakhouse, which is down-to-earth and serves wholesome, great food at reasonable prices

Being a grill house, its attraction is undoubtedly the extensive variety and flavours of steaks and meats, but for those preferring something else, there are pastas, burgers, and other grilled food as well, with plenty of options for vegetarians, including vegetarian sizzlers to add to the fun.


The Grill House also boasts of a deft bartender mixing up a variety of cocktails, mocktails and spirits, both domestic and imported. Popular drinks like Margaritas, Daiquiris, Tequila and a variety of Whiskies are served.

The Grill House has been attracting people from all over the city, who curious at the restaurant’s external appearance, just walk in for a ‘dekko’ and then there is no looking back! Beef steaks like Tabasco Steak, New York Steak, , Steak Mardi Gras and Chicken Steaks like Chicken n Cheese Steak, Chicken Pepper Steak, the all-time favourite appetizer of Buffalo Wings (marinated chicken wings fried and tossed in The Grill House’s own secret sauce) and a variety of other options including vegetarian dishes like Mushroom & Zucchini skewers, Grilled Veg Triangles (Sautéed diced vegetables stuffed in crepes & grilled) ,Grilled cottage cheese steak etc have been flying off the kitchen counter, with diners returning for more. To round it all off, there are a variety of delectable desserts like Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse Cake and a variety of Cheese Cakes.The restaurant also has a happy hour offer between 12.00 PM to 8.00 PM (Monday to Thursday) where drinks are served at half price.

So what are you waiting for? Head straight to the Grill House located at 8/6 Ulsoor Road,  for a true Wild West experience. But don’t forget to make a reservation. Call +91 80 4097 7011 or +91 7676761122 if you are venturing there on a weekend, so that you won’t have to return disappointed.

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